5 Rubber Stamps Crafts for School Vacation

Fly, Butterfly, Fly by -l.i.l.l.i.a.n-, on FlickrRubber stamp crafts are a great idea for school vacations. They give children a creative outlet and allow them to create unique items for themselves or to give as gifts to their friends and loved ones. Stamping is the perfect indoor activity for when it is too cold, or too hot, to enjoy playing outside.

Holiday Cards

Using pre-scored cardstock, allow children to decorate the inside and outside of cards. Create a master list of holidays and have each child make four or five cards for each. Include major holidays as well as birthdays, sympathy, wedding, baby shower, thank you, and get well cards. Allow them to decorate the envelopes as well remember to leave the space for the address and return address blank. These can be used by the children when holidays arrive or they can be given as gifts. Have children pick two from each category, and their corresponding envelopes, to package and give as a holiday gifts.

Wrapping Paper

Purchase a roll of white or brown paper in a craft or office supply store. Using holiday and special occasion stamps let children decorate several yards of paper at a time. Separate and reroll on securing on each end with paper clips.


This makes an excellent gift for grandparents and teachers or can be used to personalize the child’s room. Purchase 4×4 tiles in a natural shade in a home improvement store. You will also need small self adhesive pieces of cork to prevent the coaster from sliding on tables. Allow children to stamp with one large stamp in a single color, perhaps an initial, for an elegant piece. Team colors, mascots, and education themed stamps are great for teachers. Inspirational quotes, words, or animal outlines are other popular choices.


Provide each child with a pair of unadorned white canvas sneakers. Remove laces and fill shoes with newspaper or rags to make stamping easier. User permanent stamping ink or fabric ink and stamp onto the canvas of the shoe. Children can also stamp inner and outer soles if desired and may decorate shoe strings with small stamps.


Provide each child with a plane wooden clock, paints, stamps, brushes, and ink. Have children paint the clock in their preferred color. Allow the clock to dry overnight, this may take multiple nights depending on humidity. Mark where each number should go with an inked number or a favorite stamp. Decorate the rest of the clock with stamps as desired.

What are your favorite rubber stamp crafts to do with children?

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