Men: Shopping for Hot Lingerie for Her

*Red Rose* Corset SetThere are several reasons a man might want to buy lingerie for his wife or girlfriend, and some of them are even about her. Well-designed lingerie crafted of a fine fabric is luxurious and makes a woman feel sexy and exotic. Most of us don’t get a lot of exotic in our daily lives. We’re way too busy trying to make ends meet, get the kids off to school, find a pair of pantyhose without a run, put makeup on in the car while talking on our cell phones…life is hectic. Sometimes we just want Calgon to take us away. A fragrant, relaxing bath, a little wine, some soft music and the feel of silk against our skin is a recipe for stress release that dates back to the dawn of mankind. Or at least until the dawn of Victoria’s Secret; I can’t say for sure whether cavegirls ever wore silky little sexy things. Or bathed.

Opaque TeddyEvery man who has ever ventured into any lingerie department knows that it’s a frightening experience, fraught with all kinds of fluffy, pink, emasculating dangers. In the movies, a gorgeous saleslady magically appears to help every bumbling clod, and she or another random young lady who is exactly the wife’s size is there to point to and say clumsily “she’s about the same size as…” Sometimes they go the comic route and the character tries to describe his wife with his hands, making boobie cup shapes and curves for the hips. In real life, unless you are actually Brad Pitt, salesladies won’t really be all that tolerant of boob comparison discussions and are likely to get moderately offended by cupped hands. A tip: get her size. It’s not that tricky, just check something she owns. I know this takes a little advance planning, but in real life, there probably won’t be anyone in the store that is the same shape as your significant other, and buying the wrong size…well, let’s just say it’s a real mood killer. And we all know what reasons number two through five are when a man buys lingerie for his significant other.

*Shalimar Charmeuse* Chemise and Robe SetAnother thing you should be conscious of is what kind of lingerie she likes to wear. Don’t be stupid enough to buy the peekaboo top lined with marabou feathers because it’s your definition of sexy. The goal is to make HER feel pampered and sexy. Trust me, that’s the pot at the end of the rainbow. Buy her something she’ll feel sexy in – not self-conscious. What I’m talking about here is level of coverage. Some women are comfortable in see through, short, revealing little nothings, but most of us have body issues we worry about. For best sexy-time leverage, take that into consideration and avoid things that are embarrassing.

Patent Leather Corset with Zipper and BucklesMany years ago, I was a waitress in a bar and the management made a deal that proved to be so popular that we packed the place two days a week during happy hour. We needed a hook, some promotional idea that would bring people in during the week when business was traditionally slow, so when we were approached by a woman who made her living throwing those in-home lingerie parties, the owner jumped on it. Best marketing idea ever. On our slowest nights, Mondays and Wednesdays, we had a lingerie show. It was informal, about half a dozen models just walked around the bar and told anyone who asked about the lingerie they were wearing. They changed outfits about every fifteen minutes, so the customers (mostly men) saw about 36 outfits in two hours.

Bridal Crotchless G-StringNeedless to say, they bought. And bought. And bought. It was boisterous and fun. Since we were not a strip club, we didn’t attract that kind of clientele. Most were regulars, businessmen. It wasn’t crude, and the women enjoyed it as much as the men did. I’ve never seen the concept played out anywhere else, but I think marketing lingerie to men in an atmosphere they can be comfortable in is brilliant.

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