Taking a Virtual Friday? This Year’s New Words

Each year, Merriam-Webster chooses new words to add to the dictionary. 2009 brought around 100 new words, some of them we’re already familiar with, and others, well, will probably make you laugh. Taking note of the new words in the dictionary is important, especially for writers and word game buffs. Let’s take a look at some of the words you’ll be able to find in the newest edition of the dictionary.

Locavore: This is someone who only eats locally grown food.

Staycation: This refers to a vacation spent at home. The term is growing in popularity due to the strained economy making a traditional vacation harder for more families to manage.

Frenemy: A combination of the word “friend” and “enemy,” this word refers to someone who you believe is a friend, actually being an enemy. How clever, right?

Christmas Bogus: Another one destined for laughter, the phrase “Christmas Bogus” refers to getting nothing from an employer as a Christmas bonus.

Virtual Friday: If your weekend starts early due to holidays or scheduled time off, that’s your “Virtual Friday.” For Thanksgiving holidays in school, Tuesday is generally a virtual Friday.

Fan Fiction: This term has been around for some time, and refers to fans writing about popular characters in TV, movies, and books.

Sock Puppet: Another term that’s been around for awhile, this term means using a false identity for “deceptive” purposes.

Webisode: This term refers to a television show episode viewed online.

Webinar: This term refers to a seminar done online.

Vlog: A video blog.

Many of these words we’ve already heard of and probably been using awhile. They’ve finally become useful enough in daily language to earn themselves a spot in the dictionary. I must admit, writing this blog in Word was fun. It’s full of red lines, and not a spelling error in sight. I’m adding them to my dictionary—what about you? Are you going to start making use of any of these new words?

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