Fresh Content Daily

Do you struggle to come up with new content for your company’s blog each day? Fresh content can keep people coming back to your site, but it can be difficult keep up with blog posting when it’s not your primary responsibility.

Our Phenomenal Content writers can provide a dedicated blogging service for you, curating news and related stories from your industry five days a week for your blog. Content curation means that we will find news items or other content relevant to your industry; each day, we will provide you with one post that contains a unique summary and link to one such item. Our dedicated blogging service is superior to simply setting up an RSS news feed to curate this type of content because an RSS feed only duplicates the content it finds elsewhere, while our writers compose unique content for you each day. This frees you up to create the more substantial original content your readers look forward to!

How Does This Dedicated Blogging Service Work?

Upon receipt of your first payment, your blog will be matched up with a member of our Phenomenal Content writing team who will be dedicated to providing fresh content for your blog five days a week for four weeks. You provide us with a link to the blog we will be working on and a list of your specifications for the content we will curate for you.

Some things you may wish to specify include:

  • A list of keyword phrases you would like us to work from, so that at least one of your targeted keyword phrases is included in each day’s content. We cannot guarantee to use more than one phrase per day, as it could come off as unnatural, or it could simply be impractical based on the available industry news on any given day.
  • How creative would you like us to be, as far as relevance is concerned? Some industries generate more newsworthy content than others. For example, if your blog is about mesothelioma, there are few news items specifically about mesothelioma. But broadening the parameters to include items about asbestos removal projects, asbestos lawsuits, cancer treatments in general, and obituaries of mesothelioma victims can provide a wealth of available news items to choose from.
  • Any online sources you would not like us to use. You may not want us to curate and link to content published by your competitors, so let us know ahead of time if there are any sources we should blacklist. It is possible that we will still come up with an undesirable source in the course of our work that you did not think of ahead of time. In these instances, we cannot replace that day’s content because the work has already been done, but you may request that we blacklist that source from that day on.
  • If you only want news, or if you are open to curating other content. Maybe you only want us to draw from industry news headlines, or maybe you think your visitors would appreciate curation of newly published “how to” posts, Top 10 lists, trending viral content, or other relevant but not time-specific information.

A new post will be delivered to you each day by 8:59am Eastern Time, Monday through Friday for publication each Monday through day. There are two options for content delivery: posts can be sent to you in the body of an email, or you can provide us with a WordPress Contributor login so we can input content directly for you. The Contributor grants us permission only to submit content and manage our own posts, but not publish the content live or access any of your other blog content. This allows you complete control of when the posts go live each day and lets you make any changes to the content before it is published, if you wish.

How Do I Order Fresh Content Daily from Phenomenal Content?

Please use our contact form to let us know what you are looking for. Include the words “Fresh Content Daily” along with your blog URL, your industry, and any specifications you may have, as described in the list above. Please allow at least 5 business days before your desired start date (which must be a Sunday delivery for Monday publication) so that we may clarify your needs and ensure we have a team member available who can meet those needs.

Please note that not all clients can be accommodated for Fresh Content Daily for a variety of reasons, and we will try to let you know in as timely a manner as possible following your request if this is the case. If you require specific technical knowledge that our team cannot provide, we would rather let you find someone more suitable than provide you with subpar work. There is also the matter of availability; new clients may have to be refused for a period of time due to our current workload, but we can let you know when our editorial calendar opens up again.

How Much Will I Pay for Fresh Content Daily from Phenomenal Content?

Fresh Content Daily packages are available for $1,500 per four-week period. Your $1,500 package includes a dedicated writer who will provide 5 (five) posts per week for 4 (four) weeks, for a total of 20 posts. Fresh Content Daily packages must be prepaid in full via PayPal’s subscription service before work can begin. You can cancel your subscription via PayPal at any time.  We will continue work until your last payment’s content order is completed. Sorry, no refunds for work completed if you did not unsubscribe in time before a payment is sent. Refunds can only be provided if the work has not been done yet.

In the rare event that your content is not delivered* on time on a particular day – unlikely unless there is an extended Internet outage – an amount equal to 1/40 of the monthly package price will be refunded to you if the post is delivered within four hours of notification that the deadline has been missed, or an amount equal to 1/20 of the package price will be refunded to you if the post is unable to be delivered at all for that day. Client must inform Phenomenal Content via email if content is late on any given day; no refund will be made if content is delivered before the client attempts to review content for publication that day.

* Phenomenal Content is not responsible for technical difficulties on the client side. If the timestamp on WordPress or the timestamp on the original content delivery email sent to you provides proof that we delivered on time but you were somehow unable to retrieve it on time, a refund will not be made.

You can cancel your subscription via PayPal at any time.  We will continue work until your last payment’s content order is completed. Sorry, no refunds for work completed if you did not unsubscribe in time before a payment is sent. Refunds can only be provided if the work has not been done yet.

Do not use the Buy Now button until we have agreed upon the commencement of the work via email.